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JURAS Program
20th Jan 2018, QingDao
Int'l Security Conference and Exhibition
14th - 16th Mar 2018, Seoul, South Korea
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22th - 24th Mar 2018, Chiba, Japan
International Drone Ecotourism 2018
16th - 19th April 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Singapore UAV Forum Summit
20th April 2018, Singapore
Intersec 2018
21st - 23rd January, Dubai
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25th - 27th January 2018, Busan
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14th - 15th February 2018, Rotterdam
IDE Drone Zone Barcelona
26th February - 1st March 2018, Barcelona
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10th - 12th April 2018, Amsterdam
International Drone Expo 2018
18th - 20th April 2018, Tokyo
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1st - 3rd May 2018, Denver
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1st - 3rd October 2018, Las Vegas

We aim to create & innovate Malaysia as a World Class UAV empowered nation.

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Conformance with the UAS International Standard provides users with the confidence and assurance that operators meet the highest levels of safety and are compliant with all relevant legislative requirements.

What We Are

Based in Kuala Lumpur, MUDA is the leading and original drone association formed for the primary purpose of serving the growing sUAS/drone community.

Our senior advisors include Prof Dato’ Dr Shattri from UPM and Dato’ Sr Mohd Noor, DG from JUPEM

Latest News & Videos

无人机(上篇)需克服种种障碍-飞行车升空考量多 [Chinapress] 


[] Ahad, 11 November 2018 – Dr Mahathir mahu Malaysia hasilkan dron buatan sendiri

KUALA LUMPUR: Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mahu Malaysia meneroka teknologi baharu, termasuk menghasilkan dron buatan sendiri dan industri kepintaran buatan.

Beliau berkata, untuk mencapai status negara maju, Malaysia perlu menjadi pengeluar.

“Saya harap kita, Malaysia, tidak akan terus-menerus menjadi pengguna produk keluaran orang lain. Read More

[The Star]Nov 11  2018 – Dr M: Be inventors, not just users of other people’s products

SERDANG: Malaysia should come up with its own technology in the hi-tech industry instead of merely being users of imported products, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The Prime Minister said Malaysians have fallen short in coming up with inventions for our own usage..

Read more at 

[China Press]Nov 11  2018 –


Read More:

[]Friday, 20 Apr 2018 – Drone skills set to soar with tie-up

KUALA LUMPUR: Universiti Putra Malaysia has signed an MoU with a Chinese firm that specialises in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The deal with Hawkeye Electronic Technology Co Ltd would pave the way for both sides to share expertise on drones. Read more.

[Bernama]Oct 22  2018 – MUDA aims to start MULa in every school

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 22 (Bernama) — The Malaysian UAV Development Association (MUDA) has launched a pioneer co-curriculum and co-academy club named “MUDA UAV Laboratory” (MULa) in St John’s Institution, Kuala Lumpur, which aims to educate the young about drones and the industry applications. Read More.

[]Sunday, 28 Oct 2018 – Club to teach students on drones set up

THE Malaysian UAV Development Association (MUDA) launched a pioneer co-curriculum club named “MUDA UAV Laboratory” at St John’s Institution in Kuala Lumpur during its recent co-curriculum day. Read More.

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Collaborate with leading manufacturers, insurers, regulators, and working group, locally & abroad

We strive to connect relevant parties to work together to develop the UAV/drone community and businesses

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